Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 119: Friends on New Years Eve

Day 118: Sea Life

Day 117

Day 116

Day 115: Jolly Holiday Lights!

We go to Jolly Holiday Lights every year in Des Moines, where all kinds of places put up light displays, and the whole thing raises money for the Make a Wish Foundation, so it goes to a great cause, plus its fun to see all the amazing lights.

Day 114

Day 113

Day 112: Sunset

This is a picture of some wind turbines silhouetted by a sunset. This is close to what it naturally looked like, however I had to use a vivid mode on my camera, because in the normal mode, the colors weren't as vibrant.

Day 111: Sunset

Day 110: Wrapping paper

Day 109: Daisy's new haircut

Day 108: Claire makes a Christmas card

Day 107

Day 106: Gift made for friend

Day 105: Gingerbread cookie!

Day 104: Inside a bag of chocolates


Day 103: Book tree

12/15/11: Some people at school made a Christmas tree... with books! They made it outside the library and even put on pink lights.

Day 102: Candy cane


Day 101: Noelville ornament


Day 100: Wine glasses


Day 99: Matt


Day 98: Dodgeball tournament


Day 97:


Day 96:


Day 95: Furry Daisy


Day 94: my mom


Day 93:


Day 92: Angel


Day 91: Matt's Penguin

12/3/11: Matt's homemade penguin.

Day 90